CNC Mill­ing mach­ine

Depending on the standard being applied, tensile, pressure, bending and flexural impact tests require bar-shaped samples with specific dimen­sions. A computer-controlled (CNC) test bar milling mach­ine with installed machining programs and special clamping devices will prepare samples for all common test bar shapes.

The CNC milling mach­ine is a table-top unit with electrically locking protective doors. Pre-configured machining programs for all common bar shapes and visualisation via Windows makes it very easy to operate the milling mach­ine. Up to five test bars can be produced in one milling process. The all-around enclosure ensures safety at the workstation during the milling process. A swarf extraction system and the optional ionisation unit ensure the workstation remains clean.

The milling mach­ine is optionally fitted with pneumatic clamping devices enabling the test bars to be mounted quickly. Test bars with a maximum length of 250 mm, a maximum thick­ness of 70 mm and a minimum width of 2 mm can be milled as standard. Optionally, a milling thick­ness of 100 mm is available.

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