La Carpio, San José, San José, Costa Rica
+506 22905690
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First Fab Lab inside a slum area in America
The main goal is to strengthen attitudes in people applying digital fabrication methodologies, processes and tools that awaken their passion for knowledge to generate effective and supportive solutions, which impact their community to become a reference for a more just and equitable society.

Lab Capabilities
  • Impresión 3D
  • Fresado CNC
  • Producción de circuitos
  • Corte y grabado laser
  • Fresado de precisión
  • Cortadora de vinilo
Robert Garita
Co-Founder & Director
Keylin Soriano
Fab Assistant
Gary Sanchez
Fab Assistant
Fab Assistant
Maris Stella Fernández
Co-founder & President
Mauren Ballestero
Asistente colaborador
David Aarón Espinoza Bonilla
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