Fahd Ben Jamaa

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Marhaba, I’m Fahd,Fab-Engineer , resposible of the Industry Engagement Unit in Qatar Business Incubation Center FabLab ( QbicFabLab ). I’ll be within the 1st team you’ll meet when you knock the Qbic FabLab doors. Then we’ll continue the path together through different consultancy, training and production phases, so your startup/draft project becomes a real product and grows up to become a successful brand.
I studied mechatronics engineering and had business administration courses, then I worked for 5 years in government and private sector. After becoming a certified technical consultant engineer, I found my passion in supporting entrepreneurs, to scale up their startups and achieve success they’ll be proud of.
I have a tendency in business management and, currently, I’m attending an online MBA master’s degree to enhance my management skills.
At weekends, I enjoy camping at the beach and riding my bike. My enjoyable times, of course, is when being around my wife and family.

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