The Mak-ER Association is the first regional network that brings together fab labs and makerspaces in Emilia Romagna, integrating them into the ecosystem of regional innovation.
A unique model of its kind conceived as a collector of training services, prototyping and adoption of digital technologies, distributed on a regional scale, to support businesses, the world of education and public administration.

/// Values

All the members of the Mak-ER network recognize themselves in the Fab Charter, the international manifesto of the Fab Labs, and commit themselves to interact with each other at a national and international level.
In June 2017 Mak-ER shared a Charter of Values in which the role of Fab Labs within the ecosystem of regional innovation is explained.

/// Goals

- Fostering a smart, sustainable and inclusive regional growth process based on the use of new technologies;
- Amplify distributed creativity through knowledge sharing and the use of digital technologies and processes;
- Create a first experience of a regional model that can be replicated.


Fab Lab Makers Modena
Modena IT
San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna IT
FabLab Valsamoggia
Valsamoggia Loc. Monteveglio, BO IT


state workflow

MakeInBo - FabLab Bologna
Bologna, BO, Italy IT

state workflow

Pieve di Cento, Emilia Romagna, Bologna, Italy IT

state workflow
Ravenna, RA, Italy IT

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MakeRN FabLab
Rimini IT