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Isfahan Green Lab
N A3-22 , Isfahan City Center Complex, Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
0098 313 655 02 72 greenlabisf@gmail.com
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We are a group of Isfahanian young artists and designers and architects, who believe in reshaping our culture and city using new technologies.We launched the first fab lab of our city Isfahan, to create an opportunity to speak out of technology and bring it into our city skin of unique art and crafts and lifestyle.

Our main goals are: To use our knowledge and expertise in using new technologies to create products which solve our local problems e.g. environmental issues. Plus giving our city’s art a new breath of technology and digital fabrication expertise to reshape and reproduce it and transfer Isfahan’s art to a new generation of art making with digital technologies.

We based our job on introducing long-term research projects to achieve our long-term goals. Each project is introduced by an expert artist, designer or a technologist who intercommunicate with our fab lab as an independent researcher to find his/her path to reality.

Besides we believe in sharing our knowledge with people and especially new generation, to make them understand the role of making things in our future life. So we use every chance to make workshops and talks and attract citizens into our community.

If you are in Isfahan, you are more than welcome to join us and make a change!

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Laser
Marjan Jelvehnejad
Founder and Lab Manager
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