Fablab O - Shenzhen “数制”工坊-深圳站
No 680 Jixiang Rd. (near Longpi Xi Road), Longgang District, Shenzhen , China, 518172, China
86-18621284185 fablab@126.com
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located in central Longgang District, fablab O | Shenzhen continues to carry the spirit of global Fablab commuity. Seeing Shenzhen as center of gloabal manufacturing indusrety, FABO Shenzhen is to seek the new path to tranfer the society from" made in China" towards "Innovated in China", and so to establish the FABO ecosystem. FABO Shenzhen will be the place for open courses based on Fab Academy.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Circuit production
  • Laser
Fablab O
International Affairs
Gordon Xu
Junfeng Ding
hans stam
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