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A life long Maker . . . Currently a retired Naval Officer previously stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force base as the Deputy Program Manager for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) - T-6 Aircraft. CDR Polete is a Naval Aviator and Test Pilot having 1800+ hours in 23 type model series different aircraft over a 20 year Naval carrier.

In the process of starting Dayton Ohio's 1st Personal Digital Fabrication Facility, STEAM Works Laboratories - Strengthening the Community by Integrating Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Arts & MakerSpaces! We welcome you to contact us for a tour and look at making your dreams come true through TOOLS, TALENT, & TEAMWORK! We believe in a D.I.T. philosophy Do-It-Together through apprentice/mentor relationships to harness the maker ethos of life long learning and Dayton's rich history and community of innovators.

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