Rabindranath Andujar

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Rabindranath Andujar became an architect in Madrid (Spain) in 2002. One year later, he moved to London where he attended the MsC Computing and Design course in the University of East London. There began his ongoing research in applying information technologies to architectural and structural design.
In 2007 started to write his doctoral thesis about Computational Physics in Barcelona's Technical University of Catalonia, finishing it in 2015. Among many others, his passions are programming, algorithmic design, robotics and electronics, bioarchitecture and, recently, “agrobotics”.
Since his arrival to Ljubljana in 2010, he has contributed to many projects between Slovenia and Barcelona, namely Histeria Festival, Alitura Bioarhitekturni Center, development of the Poti-Poti.org initiative in Poligon’s MakerLab, ORGAN research with SEED studio and the structural behavior of biomaterials like giant reed with ESFA in Barcelona's Faculty of Architecture.

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