Mohamed Ali Abdoulkader

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Mohamed Ali Abdoulkader is an electrical and energy engineer with over 5 years of expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation. His passion in the realm of energy was ignited early on, prompting him to establish his startup, DjibEnergy Services. This venture is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency in buildings, advocating for a shift towards sustainable energy methods, reducing electricity costs, and harnessing emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things.

For 2 years, Mohamed helmed the University of Djibouti's fablab situated within the African Center of Excellence in Logistics and Transport (ACE-IMPACT DJIBOUTI), a project financed by the World Bank. This lab, recognized by the FabFoundation, is a nexus for entrepreneurship and ingenuity aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. It offers an environment where budding ideas can flourish, facilitated by collaboration and mentorship.

In his current role as the Operations Manager and engineering educator at Lamba Innovation Center, Mohamed collaborates with a dynamic team championing STEAM education and innovation. Their mission is to inspire both personal and collective endeavors for upcoming generations, weaving in state-of-the-art technology and adhering to international benchmarks.

Further enriching his profile, Mohamed has undergone pertinent training in his field and has made notable marks in several competitions, enhancing his professional trajectory.

As an ambassador for One Young World, he joins a global network of young leaders dedicated to creating positive change. Driven by the energy challenges in his locale community, Mohamed views his work not merely as a career but as a pledge to contribute on his community. Through his unassuming yet tenacious endeavors, he seeks to tackle socioeconomic obstacles and champion sustainable progress.

Exemplifying a blend of humility and ambition, Mohamed's journey is a shining illustration of the magic that ensues when innovation aligns with a clear purpose. His leadership in energy efficiency, cooperation, and educational upliftment is steadily charting a course towards a more sustainable and luminous future.

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