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I am manager of a FabLab at Science City, the Maker Studio, which is housed in Union Station Kansas City, a 100 year old train station. Our primary audience are young adults but we educate the the whole family and lifelong learners. We grew out of passion for my work with area hackerspaces and educational and entrepreneurial education. I launched Maker Faire Kansas City in 2011. The Maker Studio launched in June of 2013. I am active in the Maker Community in Kansas City and globally, I regularly contribute to Make Magazine and continue to support the 3d printing community since 2009. I currently support Ultimaker at U.S. events such as Maker Faire, 3D Print Show, and C.E.S.. I have enjoyed the FabLab community and have been involved with the U.S.F.L.N. and their Symposiums. I have prided myself with continually learning and sharing what I know. Doing this through the FabLab has been very rewarding!

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