Lina Monaco

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I'm a Digital Arch.isan investigating Sustainability.

Born in Rome, Italy; in 1983. Abroad studie’s experience at ETSAV, UPC (Univerdad Politecnica de Catalunya) Barcelona, in 2005. Bachelor in Science of Architecture in 2005 at University of Roma3. Master in Architectural Design in 2009.Thesi’s project in Urban Studies : “Strategies for dense living” with prof. Giovanni Caudo . From 2009 to 2014 freelance architect in Rome.

Leonardo’s fellowship developed at Arriola e Fiol Arquitectes in 2012. Post graduate Master’s scholarship in Design of Sustainable Building at the IN/Arch (Italian National Institute of Architecture), with M.A.D. prize for best class project “ SOCIAL FIT”. Master’s internship in GREEN FAB LAB Barcelona in 2014 starting as Fab10 volunteer than Fab Academy 2015 student in Fab Lab Barcelona.

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