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After graduating Master's course in Architecture at the University of Genoa, during his course of study has deepened in particular the digital representation of the architecture, orienting the research of the potential offered by new technological tools for drawing. In addition to the field of application, eplorare deals with the relationship between nature and potential representative of the architectural design digital interests converged in the thesis titled Configurations architectural and parametric digital applications: their representation (rapporteur Prof. Cristina Candy), concentrated mainly on the study of fractal shapes and their performance in digital key.
Later he started a career at a major research institution in the Calabria Region, Polo_NET, at which engages in the operator of a FabLab, laboratory technological innovation. In his current research work investigates the possibilities of 3D design in the field of prototyping, through self-built instruments capable of transforming a digital design into a real object. The extensive possibilities offered by 3D printing led him to start a search on the most suitable materials for 3D printing, experimenting with a machine for the recycling of plastic polymers commonly used from which to obtain a suitable filament for 3D printing made ​​from bottle caps and plastics into disuse. Currently planning the development of devices for 3D scanning and three-dimensional printing.
In recent years he made stage sets (The guardian of geese, directed by L. Pensabene), has organized and conducted exhibitions of prototypes (in the towns of Locri and Monasterace, RC) and has lectured at private institutions. His thesis is fifth (between five projects) in the list of Emerging Architects, and was exposed to the public at the event organized by the city of Corti Open Polistena (RC).
Among his publications, with G. Simonetta, D. Celentano, space animated. Videocommunicate architecture, in V. Macri, C. Quistelli, of presentation and simulation. Communication architecture in the digital age, Arachne, Rome 2010.

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