Floating Fab


How? Through the generation of an alternative green economy based on the integration of local knowledge, natural and cultural, including new globally disruptive technologies. To achieve this goal, we are planning to make a network of floating labs that will navigate the Amazon River and its tributaries, providing local communities with access to technological skills and tools to develop their own solutions for daily challenges with water, energy, health, food, and education. We will integrate locals into the global network of fablabs, makerspaces, biolabs, and more, to collaboratively develop a new industry, based on responsible, ecological processes, such as bio-printing, food-printing, eco-construction, biosensors, and bioremediation. As the green heart, the Amazon is the ideal place to incubate the manufacturing of the future.


Fab Lab Manaus
Manaus, AM, Brazil BR


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Tinki Lab
Lima, Lima/Lima/Peru, Peru PE

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Fab Lab Lima
Lima, Lima Region, Peru PE

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Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador EC