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What Is A Temporary Child Custody Order?

The term Temporary Child Custody means that the children's custody is given to one parent for a temporary period. At times, a specially appointed investigator tracks how well the parent is taking care of the children. The term temporary tends to be confusing since, most of the time, it becomes a permanent arrangement.

One of the parties is usually granted temporary custody until the divorce becomes final. The custody arrangement's period can vary from 30 days to even months until a concrete legal decision is reached regarding permanent custody of the child. During this time, the children will live with the party granted the temporary custody arrangement.

This gives the legal authority to the party awarded this type of custody for making decisions related to the children's welfare, education, etc. This type of arrangement helps parents maintain a regular routine for the children until the divorce process is finalized.

The child custody lawyer of the spouse who has custody will argue that it is in the children's best interest to stay with the spouse who already has temporary custody because they have been in an established custodial environment. Court often tends to incline to this position since they are concerned with the stability that this arrangement provides and consider that this is in the best interest of the children.

Winning this type of custody arrangement gives the custodial parent an advantage in winning permanent child custody. The parent who wins temporary child custody has the opportunity to show at the final custody hearing that the children are doing well at his or her care.

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