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Temperature Chambers for Thermal Tests

Before anything reaches out for market distribution, you would need to determine its exact quality and performance to that follows to the point with readings. Thermal and environment testing are some of the most positive aspects to get your materials tested for their underlying performance capacity and reliability in quality.

While being concerned with shock testing of materials of varied nature; manufacturers can certainly rely on the temperature test chamber areas designed by the Italian manufacturer FDM. Thermal shock testing temperature chamber developed by the company experts work well with air-to-air fully automated thermal testing. These chambers can generate extreme temperatures for determining thermal resistance values.

Temperature and thermal tests Chambers

Testing outcomes through these chambers are only a time matter of a few seconds. With a movable thermal temperature controller chamber by the company, the workload is transferred from one to another chamber.

Thermal test chamber series for shock testing by FDM are created for efficient, precise and safe testing of materials such as consumer goods, electronics, civil and military components, telecommunications and aerospace components. These are meant for testing materials of non-volatile, non-flammable and non-hazardous nature only.

These low-temperature test chamber machines can be programmed easily without much effort, and people can easily get customised operations by specific requirements. The thermal chamber works in automation through a collection of logs for maintenance of humidity levels for controlling critical temperatures while minimising the labour involved in such operations that would also lead to a reduction in costs.

Product testing in the thermostatic chamber is possibly done in two different zones such as the cold or the hot zone. Later, the testing materials can be kept inside test basket, which later has to be transferred to both zones.

Such testing is primarily meant for figuring out the rapid change temperature impact. In the real world, scenarios, such kind of rapid temperature changes would lead to material cracking; permanent electrical performance change, mechanical failures, etc.

While bearing many similarities with various other chambers like benchtop temperature chamber. The thermal shock chambers also come with controllers combined with different other features for augmenting test experiences. Users can customise these chambers as per the requirements of the test.

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