PD400 Lathe

Power supply
220 - 240V / 50/60Hz
Condenser motor with 550W
Spindle drive
Recirculating ball spindle with 2.0mm inclination,
flank diameter 8mm.
Step motor with 1.8A and 50Ncm dwell moment;
travel distance: approx. 70mm
Spindle drive
Recirculating ball spindle with 4.0mm inclination,
flank diameter 12mm.
Step motor with 1.8A und 50Ncm dwell moment;
travel distance: approx. 300mm
6 spindle revolutions
80 - 160 - 330 - 660 - 1,400 - 2,800/min
Selectable with switch (two-stage) and by placing drive belt.
Control of step motors
via CNC control unit (included in scope of delivery)
on CD-ROM, installation under Windows 98,
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
Drive connection
via RS 232 interface (or: use of a USB adapter), connecting cables to PC included in scope of delivery

Machine: L 900 x W 400 x H 300mm
Control unit: L 450 x W 270 x H 60mm
Total weight
Machine: approx. 45kg / Control unit: approx. 4kg

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  1. PD400 Lathe
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