Three-axis-controlled spanning milling machine for the wood, plywood, particle board, plastics and other soft materials processing. Also suitable for aluminum and brass processing. Performs autonomous operation through SD card Powered from line supply of 220V. Equipped with a pack of gripes for the subproduct to be placed tightly on a worktable.
As other DF-Kit machines DF-Mill can be equipped with a protective cap with a key lock mechanism which provides safety during the education process.

Technical specifications
Overall dimensions (LxWxH, sm, without the cap, without the pedestal) 70x73x53
Operational field (LxWxH mm) 400x450x120
Spindle power, W 2200
Positioning accuracy 0.01
Details repeatability 0.05 in 100 mm
Highest speed 1500 mm/min
Spindle revolution Up to 24000 rev/min
Supported materials wood, plywood, particle board, MDF and other wood-based materials, plastics, aluminum, brass, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, fiberglass, carbon
Weight (kg, without a pedestal, without a cap) 54
Overall weight (kg, with a cap and a pedestal) 100
Highest power consumption (with spindle of 500 W) 3 kW
Minimum system requirements Windows, Linux
Methodological materials In the kit

Full package consists of:
● Drive on three axes NEMA 23 57HS56-2804
● Ball screw (SFU/DFU) 1605 on three axes
● Screws fixation: supporting bearings FF-12
● Contactless end-stops
● Spindle GDZ80x73-2.2 2200 W
● T-table
● Autonomous operation through flash card

Additional qualities:
● Protective cap. Made from metal and tempered glass. The doors open from both sides, lock with keys. On the cap there are folding handles for comfortable installation and removal.
● Pedestal for machine placement, documentation storing, equipment, tools. It is equipped with heavy-duty rollers, parking legs, shelves are installed inside. Locks with keys
● A pack of gripes for the subproduct to be placed tightly on a worktable
● Possible installation of spindle with power up to 2.2 kW
● Controlling programme: Mach3 CNC
● Software: Autodesk ArtCam

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