The main purpose of the DF-Laser is to make engravings on non-metallic materials, such as acryl, polystyrene, PET, plywood, wood, fabric, leather, etc. With the use of special color sprays it is possible to engrave on metal. Laser equipment of DF-Laser makes it possible to have fast and accurate engraving. Operational field is 345x405 mm.

Technical specifications
Operational field 345x405x170 mm
Laser type Solid-state LED 10W (450 nm)
Highest positioning speed 12000 mm/min
Accuracy 0.05 mm
Focusing type Auto focus
Repeatability 0.05mm
Overall dimensions (without a cap and a pedestal) 70x73x55 sm
Weight (without a cap and a pedestal) 50 kg
Overall weight with a cap and a pedestal 105 kg
Power consumption 400W
Minimum system requirements Windows, Linux
Methodological materials In the kit

Full package consists of:
● Solid-state laser 10W (450 nm)
● Honeycomb laser bed
● Autonomous operation through flash card

Additional qualities:
● Protective cap. Made from metal and tempered glass. The doors open from both sides, lock with keys. On the cap there are folding handles for comfortable installation and removal.
● Pedestal for machine placement, documentation storing, equipment, tools. It is equipped with heavy-duty rollers, parking legs, shelves are installed inside. Locks with keys

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