ALC Steel Abrasive Blast Cabinet

This ALC® Steel Abrasive Blast Cabinet is a durable 36in. x 24in. steel blast cabinet constructed of 14-ga. steel with heavy-duty angle iron legs. The fully-welded design means there are no seams to leak. Inside work area of 36in.W x 24in.H x 24in.D to accommodate a large variety of items, with side door access. Includes foot pedal controlled gun with 1/4in. nozzle, 150 watt light kit, high quality 24in. lined gloves, cushioned foam arm holes, 112 CFM dust collector with 50 micron filter bag and protective window underlay. Full opening top door and side door.
Features + Benefits
Perfect for surface preparation on any type of irregular surfaces where other forms of preparation such as sanding are difficult
Ideal for removing paint, rust, scale and oxidation on various irregular surfaces
80-125 psi operating range
Minimum air volume of 15 CFM @ 80 psi
Fully-welded construction with no seams or leak points helps keep the blasting operation contained inside the cabinet
Large viewing window measuring 12in. x 24in. gives the operator a wide viewing area
Oversized hinged top door opening of 13in. x 35in. and hinged side door opening of 11in. x 17in. allows the operator to easily load a wide variety of items into the blast cabinet
Large inside work area of 36in.W x 24in.H x 24in.D allows the operator to easily maneuver bulky items inside the cabinet
Heavy-duty angle iron legs provide strength and a stable foot print
150 Watt max light kit and 112 CFM dust collector help the operator to maintain a good visual in heavy blasting operations
Replaceable protective window underlay to protect and extend the life of the viewing window
Foot pedal controlled siphon blast gun helps to reduce operator hand fatigue
Grate capacity of 200 lbs. allows the operator to blast heavier items such as cylinder heads

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