Floyd Blyak, Mladost 2, Sofia Bulgaria, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1799, Bulgaria
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This first year, we started using the spaces for clubs and electives mostly and of course we made it available for students who want to tinker, do some additional projects or just explore the space. We are also doing our best to open our makerspace to the whole ACS community. As educators we are eager to implement some of the possibilities of SCIFI within the curriculum so that every ACS student can experience the technologies first hand.
We have done the following inside of the curriculum activities with whole grade levels(around 160 students):
English class creating board games(8th grade)
Biology creating a model of a DNA molecule(9th grade)
Philosophy maker activity(9th grade)
LED Constellation Kit - SCIFI Maker Activity(12th grade)

We currently host the following clubs and electives in SCIFI:
SCIFI makers club
Carpentry(woodworking) club
Code society club
STEM robotics club
E-sports club
Video production club
Engineering I: Design and Fabrication elective
Engineering II: Rocket Science elective
Robotics and embedded systems elective
Phoenix news elective

By now we have done hundreds of individual projects (students, faculty and people outside of the College).
In 2019 we where a host of TOM makeathon! ( And we plan to continue this beautiful effort!

And for a closing line, because you do not always know if you will like something before you actually try it and we are hopeful that among our students there are those that will become lifetime makers or choose a career path, which they may trace back to their ACS SCIFI experience.

Lab Capabilities
  • Impress√£o 3D
  • Usinagem CNC
  • Produ√ß√£o de circuitos
  • Corte Laser/Grava√ß√£o
  • Usinagem de precis√£o
  • Para quem √© voltado o
David Yordanov
Makerspace manager
Dan Markov
Student/ Assistant
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