Via Paraiso 60, Schio, Vicenza, 36015, Italy
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Megahub is founded by a social enterprise which is focused on social issues: youth occupation, refugees and self-entrepreneurship so the target is the weakest part of population but even students and companies.

Megahub's goal is to provide a safe place to try yourself in order to get new skills, develop new projects or just find out new interests.

Practically we provide 8 private areas for rent in our workshop and 10 desks in our coworking, furthermore the fablab provide a well equiped wood working corner and carpentry area, a set of 3d printers, a CO2 laser cutter, a cnc milling machine, a metal lathe, a thermoforming machine, a fully equipped electronic bench and a photograpic set.

Talking about the first floor our customers can take advantage of a cosy coworking space, a wide conference room and a private meeting room.
In the last 2 years we successfully experienced training programme for unemployed youngs and recently we've broaden our programmes to high-school students.

While for our makers we garantee a 3 afternoons and a saturday morning business time during that they can adoperate tools and equipment always supervised by our capable tutors.

During last years we've been able to draw companies' interests and municipalities' trust as well, this fruitful network allow us to develop complex and effective programmes.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Laser
  • Vinyl cutting
Matteo Vellere
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