Kohl's Design It! Lab
Milwaukee, 500 North Harbor Drive , Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202, United States of America
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The Kohl's Design It! Lab operates like a café and serves a variety of engaging project activities, such as laser-cut cardboard houses or apparel made with recycled materials, off a daily menu. Visitors are greeted by a Design Host and welcomed into the Kohl's Design It! Lab. Design Servers then walk visitors through a three course meal of design projects. Themed projects are introduced monthly; examples include Clothing/Fashion, Electronics and Green Products. Each project illustrates a core design principal and incorporates a unique tool or material, and results in a tangible product that participants can take home or leave behind to showcase for the public.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • Laser
Kristen Smith
Kohl's Design It! Liaison
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