Fab Lab ZOI
Francisco Hernandez de Girón N35-66 y Av.América, Quito, Pichincha, 170522, Ecuador
+593 987990170 fablabzoi@gmail.com
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Our goal is to empower people with knowledge and technology to make this world a better place to live. As well we believe in Network Collaboration Projects and that Fab Labs work better as a community. We are supported by Latin-American Fab Lat Network and our objective is to continue building Ecuador Network.

Our vision is to make a structure that helps Fab Labs to grow in Ecuador and be sustainable with education, investigation and technological development.

We can help you to make your ideas reality using design and projects management, prototyping, digital fabrication, mentoring and financial programs.

Lab Capabilities
  • Stampa 3D
  • Fresatura CNC
  • Produzione di circuiti
  • Incisione e taglio laser
  • Fresatura di precisione
  • Taglio vinile
Roberto Gallo
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