Fab Lab Yucatán
Mérida, Mérida, YUCATAN, 97139, Mexico
0152(999)3708321 contacto@fablabyucatan.com
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The FabLab Yucatan is a part of a social innovation and sustainability hub, therefore it is dedicated to encourage the people to use and develop technology.
In particular the FabLab works as a centre of research mainly in themes like architectural skins, smart cities and ecodesign focused in solve today's social problems.
As a result of being part of the latinamerican network of Fablab, we develop open to public free activities and workshops to support the technologial inclusion of the citizens of Merida.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printen
  • CNC frezen
  • Printplaat productie
  • Laser Snijden/Graveren
  • Precisie frezen
  • Vinyl snijplotter
ileana ceron
Executive Director | Lab Manager
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