FabLab Vologda
Воркутинская ул., 7, Воркутинская 7, Вологда, Россия, 160032, Russian Federation
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«FabLab: Vologda» - was established in late 2014 at his own expense the three founders. The need arose when the first start-up projects of their own team in early 2014. Projects: prointerface.ru redbatya.ru
The world has more than a hundred laboratories digital manufacturing Fab Lab, and in our region, they do not, so we decided to give their local startup commands, a platform for the launch of prototypes.
We belong to the class of mini lab areas: presentation - 19 m2, meeting room - 10 m2, a computer lab on the "Arduino" - 15 m2, the area of 3D printer - 8 m2, workshop machining - 8 m2
We specialize in the following areas:
• Prepare a startup prototypes and teams
• Creation of toys and miniatures
• Build public machines
• Woodcraft
• Education robotics based on Arduino
• Creation of diarrhea architecture and urban planning
• Create aways

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
  • CNC-Milling
  • Laser
Alexander Larin
Lab Project Meneger
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