FabLab UPA
Lopez de Vega, San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo/Central/Paraguay, 2160, Paraguay
+595 21 524 214 / 6 fablab@upa.edu.py
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The principal activitie for the lab is teaching to our industrial engineering students design and using de digital manufacturing for make prototyping We already have a laser cutter Epilog, three 3D printers, a CNC milling machine, a Roland Vinil Cut, a Nextengine 3D scanner, and various hand tools. We have experience creating PCB, 2D and 3D design, printing customized parts and making cuts and accurate prints with Epilog Laser.
We are developing different projects of social inclusion in the use of the laboratory, as well as collaboration with other local universities and ONG┬┤s
In the FabLab we also have robotics kits and have already participated in the last international tournament or VEX Robotics Worlds, some parts of our mechanisms were manufactured in our FabLab.

Lab Capabilities
  • Impresi├│n 3D
  • Fresado CNC
  • Producci├│n de circuitos
  • Corte y grabado laser
  • Fresado de precisi├│n
  • Cortadora de vinilo
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