Fablab UFPB
Cidade Universitaria, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba/Brazil, 58051900, Brazil
+558332167376 fablab@cear.ufpb.br
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The FABLAB UFPB was created by electrical-engineers’ professors, which are looking to innovation inside the university. So, the FABLAB UFPB promotes the maker culture in prol of the increase of innovation in the university and local community. The whole product can be implemented in the FABLAB, since the electronic part up to the product box. The ideia is to incentive the little inventors, bringing more children to engineering, specially girls, and young/senior inventors, implementing their prototypes.


Lab Capabilities
  • Impressão 3D
  • Usinagem CNC
  • Produção de circuitos
  • Corte Laser/Gravação
  • Usinagem de precisão
  • Para quem é voltado o fablabs.io?
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