Fab Lab UCV Tarapoto
Km 8, Carretera Fernando Belaunde Terry, San Martín, Tarapoto, San Martín, 22200, Peru
+51 925 624 456 mangeles@ucv.edu.pe
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The Fab Lab at César Vallejo University in Tarapoto represents a bridge that closes the gap between industrial technology and the local population of San Martín in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru.

Initially focused on creating innovative prototypes with a transformative impact on the sustainable economic development of the San Martín region, the lab was born from a collaboration between the Architecture and Systems Engineering schools on the Tarapoto campus. It has since expanded to incorporate schools such as Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and other interested research areas, reflecting an interdisciplinary and expansive commitment.

This innovation center aspires not only to contribute academically but also to interact directly with the local and international community. It opens its doors to people previously unlinked to César Vallejo University, inviting them to participate in the development of products and prototypes that make a difference. The vision of the UCV Fab Lab - Tarapoto is to act as a catalyst for change, using digital manufacturing to address and mitigate environmental and social challenges, especially those affecting vulnerable areas like the Amazon Rainforest.

With a special focus on robotics and the construction of sustainable infrastructure, the Fab Lab seeks not only to innovate but also to apply these innovations in practical and beneficial ways for communities vulnerable in our area of influence, as part of the University’s Social Responsibility activities. This orientation towards applied technology and the drive to contribute to local and global social well-being encapsulates the essence of our mission: to experiment, innovate, undertake, and, above all, train professionals with a human focus.

We invite global allies who share our interest in digital research and manufacturing focused on environmental protection to join us in this collective effort. Together, we can explore new frontiers of science and technology, developing solutions that not only respect our natural environment but also empower local and global communities. Let's connect our resources, share our creativity, and work together for a more sustainable and fair future.

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  • 3D printing
Maria Claudia Angeles Velásquez
Academic Coordinator
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