FabLab Setagaya at IID
池尻, 2-4-5 IID116, 世田谷区, Tokyo, 154-0001, Japan
+81-3-6804-0200 setafab@r-school.net
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Tokyo is composed of 23 wards, and the one has the biggest population is called Setagaya ward. Setagaya is often described as a peaceful residential area with good schools for children. “FabLab Setagaya at IID” is located in the east part of this ward.
The building that “FabLab Setagaya at IID” has the room at (this building’s name is IID, indeed), has been a junior high school until 2004. The same year, it was renovated into a space for design/architecture offices, start-up incubation, galleries, studios, cafe. It means a lot of people related with “create” are walking down the hallway and enter into casual conversations. They are not only professionals, since IID is a building open to the public, all different kinds of people come here, to see exhibitions, to attend workshops or just to walk around. Some of them stop by FabLab and start to “create” something. Then, really broad range of people from kids to professional architects, are using FabLab’s machines. We also hold workshops every week. Then people can learn broad range of subjects related with "create", like programing, 3DCAD etc.

Lab Capabilities
  • Impressão 3D
  • Usinagem CNC
  • Produção de circuitos
  • Corte Laser/Gravação
  • Usinagem de precisão
  • Para quem é voltado o fablabs.io?
Kazumasa Kanei
Fab Directeor
Emi Iguro
Public Relations
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