FabLab Salamanca
Isidro Segovia, 13, Salamanca, Salamanca, 37007, Spain
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The main purpose of FabLab Salamanca is to be a meeting place for students and makers who want to approach to the world of digital manufacturing and project-oriented education, focusing especially on STEAM training for children, and new technologies for adults. We are in a very early stage of development, but our intention is to have a structure in place in September 2017, and to make available to all who want to participate a set of material resources compatible with the official inventory FabLab:

- 3D printers (open hardware and software)
- 3D scanner
- Diode laser engraving and cutting machine (about 5W)
- CNC milling machine (open hardware and software),
- mini CNC milling machine for engraving acrylics, wood, etc. and for manufacturing of PCBs and electronic circuits.
- Cutting Plotter
- Cutting and embossing plotter

In addition, we would have several PCs and laptops for the trainings, along with the following material:

- littleBits kits (modular electronic circuits through magnetic unions)
- Arduino and Freaduino kits
- CircuitScribe kits (electrical circuits in paper)
- BareConductive kits (circuits with conductive painting, and capacitive sensor hardware)

The idea behind FabLab Salamanca is to have an educational space for all ages, with membership fees for trainings and the use of machinery. However, there will be also open days and free workshops, as well as space offerings to certain groups (both educational and professionals).

Lab Capabilities
  • Impression 3D
  • Fraiseuses à commande numérique
  • Production de C.I.
  • Découpe/Gravure Laser
  • Fraiseuse de précision
  • Découpe Vinyle
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