Fab Lab du PEC
1691 Boulevard Pie-IX, Montreal, Québec, H1V 2C3, Canada
+15145964488 #6874 equipe@fablabdupec.com
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Fab Lab du PEC is a non-profit/community fab lab where art and science meet. Located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Montreal, we encourage citizens to experiment, learn and play with technology.

Lab Capabilities
  • Impress√£o 3D
  • Usinagem CNC
  • Produ√ß√£o de circuitos
  • Corte Laser/Grava√ß√£o
  • Usinagem de precis√£o
  • Para quem √© voltado o fablabs.io?
Raphael Demers
Fab Manager
Oui Chichi
Techno Bum
Mégane Vogell
Media Infiltrator
Geneviève Le Guerrier-Aubry
Director of Collaborative Research
Nicholas Shulman
Programming Coordinator
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