FabLab Cagliari
via Romagna 6, Assemini , Cagliari, 09032, Italy
+39 3457809029 info@fablabcagliari.cc
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FabLab Cagliari is an open access laboratory when everyone can think and realize their objects and their inventions, located in the center of Cagliari, is the real network among the small local crafters and new makers. FabLab pursues purposes of promotion of Digital Design and Shared Manufacture, OpenHardware and Free Software and Sustainable Development .

Lab Capabilities
  • Impresión 3D
  • Fresado CNC
  • Producción de circuitos
  • Corte y grabado laser
  • Fresado de precisión
  • Cortadora de vinilo
Francesca Mereu
Lab Manager
Gianluigi Antonio Mereu
3d Printing Operator
Alessandra Boi
technical assistant
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