Roundcube Fablab
No.1 , Simaye-Iran st. , Farahzadi Blv. , Sana'at Square, 4th floor , Art&Architecture Department, Tehran, Tehran, 146786831, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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In the heart of WTIAU art and architecture department, Roundcube Fablab try to bring new capabilities to fresh minds for imagine and create their ideas without any boundaries. As one of the essential structure core of Creative Economy Research Center, the Fablab try to help young designers to reach easily and more important rapidly to their first prototypes and improve the connection between industrial organization and university for the bests.
we are mostly focused on "the nature of form" and advanced techniques of "form finding" through the liberty of 3d printing and digital fabrication in different scales from industrial design all the way to urban design. Because the "FORM MATTERS".

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printing
Roozbeh Naghshineh
Lab Manager
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