Cotonou , Jéricho, 237 Ave de la Liberation , Cotonou, Littoral, 00229, Benin
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IROKO Fablab is a third place for creation, innovation, and knowledge sharing, dedicated to low-tech technologies and craftsmanship. Since its establishment in 2018, our fablab has emerged as a key player in promoting creativity, entrepreneurship, and social inclusion. We are proud to be part of the global FabLabs network and the Low-tech Lab community, contributing to the systemic transformation of our territories through frugal innovations.

Our pillars:
Resilience and creativity
Collaboration and knowledge sharing

Our mission:
Combine design, craftsmanship, and digital technology to address the challenges of our territories.

Lab Capabilities
  • 3D printen
  • CNC frezen
  • Laser Snijden/Graveren
Franco Coffi
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