What is a Fablab?
A Fab Lab, or digital fabrication laboratory, is a place to play, to create, to mentor and to invent: a place for learning and innovation.
Fab Labs provide access to the environment, the skills, the materials and the advanced technology to allow anyone anywhere to make (almost) anything.

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How to start a Fablab?
Join the Fablab Network, an international movement in personal fabrication. The cheapest and fastest method to get a Fablab is to buy and assemble it yourself. This approach does require some expertise on hand to help you set up, install, debug and train. Alternatively, the Fab Foundation offers turnkey solutions for establishing new Fablabs around the globe.

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The Fablab Network is an open, creative community of fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs and professionals located in more than 100 countries and 1,750 Fab Labs across the globe. Fablabs offer a wide range of educational programs for all age groups and professional digital fabrication services for various types of organizations.

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Getting started
Fablabs.io is a collection of online resources for the international Fab Lab community and is the current official list of Fab Labs that share the same principles, tools, and philosophy around the future of technology and its role in society.
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Who is this platform for?
This is a human based design platform mainly for fabbers but we welcome any maker, hacker, DIY and amateur in digital fabrication that wants to create, collaborate and share projects and knoledge
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Because all Fab Labs share common tools and processes, the program is building a global network of distributed laboratories for research and invention.
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Each lab has its own profile page which can be maintained and updated by its staff
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New projects section

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Collaborate on projects from Fablabs around the world

Recent Projects

Testver 4e91a
Protective Face Shield

Fast production and assembly Version of an Hospital (and other professionals) Protective Face Shield.

Giuliagalli kime2017 masininteractiondesignthesisproject fa6b4
Digital Making++ Workshop

A 3 days workshop to experience an open design process aiming at designing, reflecting, documenting tools and resources as kits for learning and teaching of STEAM subjects.

Institute Integrative Design, Masterstudio, FHNW, Basel, 25-27 March 2020

Tutors: Serena Cangiano, Alice Mela

Dsc 1820 718f9

POLLER FLOWER aims to make attractive the "bad" elements of public spaces, the anti-parking pollers: with mounted and rotatable seat.

Dsc 1898

MAZE is a toy, which can be used by disabled and healthy children from a very early age (4-10 years old). By providing the same playing experience the toy attempts to break down the barriers built by society towards peaople living with disabilities.

Dsc 0174

The ARAMETRY coat can be tailored to our needs and own taste: by using the Seamly2D open-source pattern software enables to design for each user's size, then produce it with laser cutter.

Dsc 0161

The Cheese Tray is a universal stacking surface made of plywood, which can be mounted on bicycle racks, making it easy to transport large items safely in the city or on the road.

News from the Fablab network
What is a Fab Lab in 3 words? 10 years later!

Fablab Network Events

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FAB15 Egypt was a GREAT success. You can view all of the official photos from the FABulous week here.
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We're happy to announce that Applications to become a Host Node for Fab Academy 2020 are Now Open.
Fabricademy 2019
Fabricademy 2019-2020 Started!
The new Fabricademy courses focus on sustainable textiles, fashion and wearables.